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Who says healthy can’t be fun? At Vremi, we believe they are one and the same. Our top-selling juicer is a perfect example. Easy to use and cheerfully designed, our juicer will be a healthy addition to your lifestyle; one that you can play with. Get creative with your concoctions. Our slow juicer produces 30-40% more juice than alternative machines, and retains more nutrients. Experiment with flavors and colors!MAXIMIZE NUTRITION: The Vremi Slow Juicer retains nutritional value and flavor from fruits and greens.
REDUCE WASTE: The 2-stage extraction process will slowly squeez the juice without shredding or grinding, minimizing waste.
COST EFFECTIVE: Get the most nutritional bang for your buck! The Vremi also reduces energy use and your carbon footprint.
NOURISH YOUR BODY: Fresh juices retain substantially more nutrients and vitamins than store bought varieties.


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