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The TaoTronics TT-FL001 handheld UV Flashlight is well built, inexpensive, and effective. clearly shows urine stains, invisible food stains on the floor and table, and UV-sensitive markings on currency and official identification cards, including passports. With 12 brighter ultraviolet LED lights, the Blacklight flashlight shows fluorescence staining more clearly.

In addition, please be also pay attention tht Notes:

1. If the ultraviolet led flashlight does not turn on, please check batteries and battery case whether they are installed correctly(e.g. with correct polarity);

2. The ultraviolet led black light works best in dark environment, the darker it is, the better it works;

3. Can only spot dried urine stain;

4. Does not work on reflective surface or carpet with fluoresce; and not work well on cat urine.

5. For few dark color carpets, the reflected stain color will be very close to the color of the carpet, making it harder to see;

6. Does not use the UV light with the newest $100 note.

Caution: 1. Not waterproof, please keep away from liquid or moisture;

2. Do not shine directly into eyes;

3. Not a toy, please keep away from children;

4. Please use this ultraviolet flashlight in line with the local laws and regulations.TaoTronics UV flashlight: make invisible visible.
Clearly showing dried unine&stains of dogs on carpetrugsclothes, food stains on floortable
Easily spot scorpions, authenticate currency,driver license,official identification cards,passports
Brighter with fairly focused output: Emits 395nm wavelength with 12 top quality ultraviolet led lights,
High quality batteries included: 3 Duracell AAA batteries last up to 5 hours for this UV flashlight, not work well on cat urine


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