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“the most powerful memoir of any war” –DAILY TELEGRAPH NEWSPAPER (Britain)

“critical success … revels in the glory of combat”–NEW YORK TIMES

“one of the greatest works about the First World War” –THE INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPER (Britain)

STORM OF STEEL is possibly the greatest combat memoir of the modern era. It is a universal first-hand account of the terrifying calamity that was the First World War of 1914-18.

This new translation is the first completely in American English, and the only translation of the early edition of 1921-22, when the author was still in the German Army. It may be the closest English edition yet to the original combat. Previous translations were by British-educated writers, and were based on later editions revised a decade or more after the war.

Nevertheless, the author Jünger stands as a symbol of repentance and forgiveness. He was one of the most decorated German soldiers ever, but later used his prominence to movingly advocate the reconciliation of the former enemies France and Germany. His narrative contains poignant passages about lost souls upon the battlefield that know no national boundaries.

His war memoir focuses on daily life in the trenches, and its haunting pathos. It could be a description of any army of any nation. Grisly death and woundings are commonplace. However, there are also noble deeds of heroism and self-sacrifice, of average men willing to fight and die for each other. It is a universal tale of humanity, both evil and good, sin and redemption.

Mr. Jünger’s harrowing experiences and inner conflicts could be those of any soldier of any nationality. The author displays a remarkable sympathy for the Allied nations that he fights, including America. These sympathies later blossomed into repentance and renunciation of the war of his youth.

A new publisher’s introduction and epilogue reveal that author Ernst Jünger became a daring anti-Nazi during the Second World War. In 1944, the author supported the German officers who sought to assassinate Adolf Hitler, and only escaped arrest and execution through a stunning twist of fate.

American audiences will appreciate this new up-to-date translation in American rather than British English. It uses modern military terminology, and provides fuller descriptions of European history and geography. It especially brings to life the German author’s unusual fascination and admiration of the American West.

This is a breathtaking, never-to-be-forgotten account of war. It is not to be missed by both students of military history, and general readers of fine literature about the human condition.

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What people have said about STORM OF STEEL:

“The greatest war memoir I have ever read. … undoubtedly the most powerful memoir of any war. … combines the most astonishing literary gifts with absorption with war in every detail. –THE DAILY TELEGRAPH NEWSPAPER (Britain)

“[a] critical success … a memorial to fallen comrades and an attempt to make sense of his war experiences … revels in the glory of combat”–NEW YORK TIMES (USA)

“one of the greatest works about the First World War, along with those by Erich Maria Remarque, Henri Barbusse, e.e. cummings, David Jones and Lucien Descaves” –THE INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPER (Britain)

“a surgically precise view of battle”–ECONOMIST MAGAZINE (Britain)


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