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Our eyes are the window to our soul!

There had to be a way to make the eyelash curling experience more enjoyable for both makeup artists and consumers!

Say hello to our Professional Express Beauty Boutique Eyelash Curler

After using our curler, We WILL make your eyes look two to three times longer by allowing more light reflection which make you look brighter and more awake. It’s about lifting and elongating, by giving lashes an upward arc – not that crimp!

We always want our eyes looking their best!

Whether you want an a natural barely-there finish or something a bit more enchanting like that Free Spirit Summer look, perfectly curled lashes will widen your eyes, leaving you with alluring perky peepers.

How To Get That More Elongating, Uplifted Look:

1. Run the end of the eyelash curler under hot water (not scalding!) or use a hair dryer for a few seconds heating the metal up.

2. Place your lashes inside and curl as you normally would and “pump” once at the base of your lashes, once midway through, and once at the very ends.

3. Concentrate the curl only at the beginning, you’ll end up with more dent and less elongation. This way, you change the angle that the lashes hit the eyes, which makes them look two to three times longer.

4. Change the Pads every 3-6 months.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll find that after the three pumps on each eye, your lashes will be so sexy that mascara will become totally optional!

What Makes Us The Best Curler?

To answer that we invite you to read the 220+ five star reviews our customers have posted below after receiving their Curler.

✔ If after using our curler you don’t agree that it is all that we have described above, we will refund your money.

Its that simple!

Click *Add to Cart* Button at the Top of the Page to Get your Express Beauty Boutique CurlerHIGH QUALITY!- Strong iron plating with rubber handle fully tested and backed by our team of professionals. 5 FREE Eyelash curler refill pads. Perfect for your make up bag. Makes a perfect Birthday gift, Christmas gift, Stocking stuffers
CURLY & SEXY EYES!-The Express Beauty Boutique eyelash curler can relish one universal claim, it works! Our lash curler has been a favorite among makeup artists for years now. The curler is easy to handle and was designed to fit perfectly over your eye while keeping all the lashes in place. The soft rubber pad holds curl well and applies just the right amount of pressure. With just a gentle squeeze you get a natural looking curl that opens the eye instantly!
ERGONOMIC DESIGN!- Specially designed to get every lash, every time. An Eyelash Curler to suit all eye shapes and sizes, including deep set eyes, small eyes, narrow eyes, large eyes, hooded eyes and everyone in between.
BEST VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY!- 1 yr Money Back “No Questions Asked” Guarantee, FREE BONUS 5 Replacement Pads – Our gift to you. Buying from other sellers voids your warranty.
THE EXPRESS BEAUTY BOUTIQUE EXPERIENCE! – 100% focus on authentic connections and communication. Please be sure you are purchasing directly from Express Beauty Boutique to ensure you are receiving a genuine Express Beauty Boutique product. Express Beauty Boutique products from unauthorized resellers comes with risks, and provides no guarantee of Express Beauty Boutique product quality or customer service.


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