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Key to Looking Beautiful & Feeling Confident

Create Your Flawless Finish – Beauty Matters cosmetic sponges make it possible for you to achieve your most coveted flawless make up finish as it will allow your foundation to glide smoothly over your face.
Cover any Blemishes & Imperfections Seamlessly -The sponges have a high moisture retention capacity, so blending colors or using your particular foundation can easily cover any imperfections.
Apply Your Makeup with Precision – The innovative & ergonomic egg shape design of Beauty Matters sponges lets you apply your makeup precisely, including hard-to-reach areas of the face like around the nose.

The sponges can be used either dry or damp. We strongly suggest that try them out with your choice of make up as each one will differ. To use damp, slightly dampen the sponge and squeeze in a dry towel or paper towel to remove the excess water. Try both ways and see which is right for you.
Safe for You to Use – the sponges are latex free so people who are sensitive or allergic to latex can confidently use these foundation sponges.
Reuse Time & Time Again – they are washable & reusable. Gently wash with gentle soap, such as baby shampoo or organic face soap, rinse carefully & leave to air dry.

Get the Look You Have Always Wanted – Every Time.

Buy Now – Your Beauty Matters.

Always have a beautiful flawless foundation: Use Beauty Matters sponges damp to apply an airbrush finish and minimise the amount of makeup you need – but of course they can be used dry if you prefer. Beauty Matters sponges are ONLY sold by Design Link – any other seller is fraudulent. Any other seller displaying the same images is in breach of copyright and is not sellng the same product.
Apply with precision: Beauty Matters clever egg shaped sponge lets you cover awkward & large areas alike. No lines left from the edges from wedges.
Feel confident: Uneven skin tones, imperfections etc can be covered seamlessly with your makeup
Hypoallergenic: made to Beauty Matters specification, these beautiful sponges are Latex free and gentle on the skin
Great Value: Long-lasting, durable & safe to reuse: Simply wash in warm water to reuse. won’t break or crumble easily. The product description and all pictures are copyright of Design Link 2014. Design Link is the ONLY authorised seller of Beauty Matters makeup sponges. Any other seller is fraudulent, and you will not receive these quality sponges.


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