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This high quality cleaning play set comes complete with squeegee, hand-broom and dustpan and other cleaning tools for your little helper to clean around the house. This cleaning set from little treasures comes with tub, cloth and super detergent for your little cleaner to do some laundry of clean the furniture. The cleaning play set allows your little helper to not only sweep up the little messes, but aid with the laundry as well. This will ensure that everything in the home turns out looking great and fresh. This is the perfect gift for any girl or boy with interest in keeping things tidy, cleaning and fun. Description: this little treasures cleaning set comes complete with squeegee, tub, cloth, super detergent, hand-broom and dustpan. While interacting with the cleaning tools children learn dexterity from using the hand-broom and dustpan to clean the floor or cleaning the cloth in the tub using the super-detergent, requiring accuracy and coordination. The perfect toy set for girls and boys over 3 year of age.With hours of endless fun children can use the many different cleaning tools and super-detergent that come with this family super set
For the small family helper to feel a sense of accomplishment having their very own cleaning play set just like the adults
Great way to help develop responsibility and initiative, a set that your child will able to play with again and again while helping around the house
Watch your child’s face light up as they play with friends and develop vital communication skills on how to share the cleaning supplies
Perfect for both boys and girls, The little treasures cleaning play set is fun for your child to play with time and time again


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