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The Kushion was designed to let you experience sound differently, it connects to your smartphone, and plays music, movies, audiobooks, or even phone calls out loud through a comfortable and stylish throw pillow, made from Ultra Carbon acoustic contour foam. Leave it on the couch or bed for ambient sound while playing music, hold it on your lap while taking a long phone call, or lay on it while watching Netflix and get personal, high-quality audio with an extra dose of functionality. Featuring an advanced, full-range DSP controlled audio system, Kushion provides loud and clear sound that can fill a whole room, for an experience engineered to stimulate the senses and create possibilities for users to be a part of media and music like never before.Kushion Sound: Advanced high power, full range DSP controlled audio system to produce loud and clear room filling sound. Combined with the latest Bluetooth technology, Kushions signature sound features a balance of deep bass, full midrange and crisp highs to ensure any genre of music sounds great.
USB: Charge any USB chargeable devices
Multi-Room Music: Pair up to 2 Kushions together in the same room or in multiple rooms
Connect Mode: Sync up 4 devices to 1 Kushion
Speakerphone: Take your calls hands-free, even when you’re listening to your music.


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