Komenuka Bijin Essence Whitening Serum with Rice Bran – 40ml

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SOUHAKUHIEKISU is the medicinal whitening essence which has the whitening effect which restrains generation of melanin pigment, stops the stain freckle by the sunburn and keeps skin with feeling of the transparency in white. A rice bran extract and a natural ingredient of sake origin arrange the texture and keep skin with moistening freshly. ※ Unregulated drug Use method (1) in behind the skin lotion and a clean palm, 1-2, I push and get several drops. (2) I take for the middle finger or the ring finger a little, put it from a worrisome part of the stain freckle and make the whole skin matched. (3) as the whole face is wrapped by two palms, I hold it and make skin matched tightly quietly.There are no other products available with such a pure concentration amount of rice bran and other natural ingredients
Contains high amounts of rice bran packed with over 107 antioxidants including well known anti aging elements such as Vitamin E Gamma Oryzanol and Lipoic Acid
Contains sake yeast a potent stimulant of collagen production and mulberry root extract which acts as an anti-inflammatory agent naturally lightening discoloration from aging sun damage and other effects
Does not contain hydroquinone or Kojic Acid
Great for gradually softening the appearance of age spots freckles acne scars


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