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Everyone loves to capture precious moments that can be treasured for a lifetime. However, sometimes it is not so easy. Fitting everyone into a photo can be a struggle. Taking less steady shots result in blurry photos. Close up shots can be unflattering. Asking a stranger to take a photo may be embarrassing. Your arm may not reach over a crowd of people to get a good shot or video. The most complete and advanced 4-in-1 selfie stick of 2015 Perfect for: traveling vacations graduations weddings concerts self-portraits the gym party’s aerial photos recharging various devices illuminating dark areas other models: require repairing every use. Lack standby technology & run out of power quickly. Use unsightly orange single clips that can pop off under tension, drop your phone and incompatible with larger 5.5 Displays like the iPhone 6 plus. Steel poles can be heavy, bend easily, hard to expand/collapse, and have been known to snag fingers and cut when made from poor construction. Occupy your aux phone jack resulting in soundless videos. No other selfie stick on the market compares join the thousands of people taking better quality, more professional looking, and beautiful photos with koi Simply click buy now.Enjoy the built in 2200mah rechargeable power bank battery charger, ultra bright LED torch flashlight and built in remote shutter button
Second generation double spring grip clip with non-slip design fits all phones width less than 8.5 cm
Universal compatibility extendable handheld selfie stick monopod for iPhone 4 5 5S, Google Nexus, HTC, LG, Sony, iOS & Android
Easy to use quick 3-step process, simply turn on, pair via bluetooth and snap a shot, easy to carry with its portable size


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