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Customers have said,
“I really like the simplicity of this Scissor-Knife Sharpener. I was contemplating replacing a pair of scissors and no longer need to because the sharpener works so well. Easy to hold and use, even with my carpel tunnel syndrome. Another thing: the customer service of this company Boston Enterprises is top notch.”
“My knives now cut tomatoes like butter, just like they used to! Highly recommended!!!”

Swiftly and Securely turn those Dull Knives and Scissors into Razor Sharp Cutting Instruments

1. Durable, Ergonomic, Full Length Wrap Around Safety Handle with a Thumb Rest for left or right handed sharpening that provides Protection for your Fingers.
2. This Little Tool is a Work Horse around the House and Tool Shed Giving Years of Care Free Sharpening.
3. Specially Designed ‘V’ Shaped Sharpening slot with the two Pre-set Crossed Carbide Blades allows you to put a Precision Edge on your Blades very Easily and Quickly. The Scissors sharpening slot is set for the exact angle of your scissors so you can easily put that precision edge back on them.

The Most Unsafe Knife is a Dull Knife

Too many people have injured themselves using too much pressure when chopping and cutting when all they needed was a sharp knife. Bring your knives and scissors back to life with this great little, best seller,hand held sharpener from BOSTON ENTERPRISESTM. Professionals butchers and chefs have used this sharpener, great if you cut hair, fabric or do sewing.

* Save Preparation Time in the kitchen with a knife that easily slices through your food.
* Tremendous Value, have one in the kitchen, garage, tackle box and camping gear.

BUY more than one for your convenience. They also make great gifts!

We are a family owned business, our goal is to make your life better with top quality products. 100% GUARANTEED!

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EASY TO USE & SAFE – does not require a lot of hand or arm strength – LIGHT WEIGHT & HANDY
BLUE COLOR Is EASIER To FIND in your gadget drawer, takes little space. BOSTON ENTERPRISESTM
TUNGSTEN CARBIDE BLADES Are REVERSIBE & REPLACEABLE to put a Precision Edge on all your Blades
Works on small bladed surgical scissors, left handed scissor, garden tools and all types of knives for Fathers


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