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A FUN & USEFUL gadget, the cube is the perfect tool to give your mind a break at work or at school. It will help you IMPROVE FOCUS while increasing your attention to detail, facilitating any business or school-related task. Furthermore, it will help to RELIEVE STRESS and manage the inherent pressures of daily life. Its MULTIPLE FEATURES includes spinners, buttons, rollers, flickers, and switches to help you reduce anxiety while keeping you entertained.BEWARE OF FAKES & LISTING HI-JACKERS! When you put the product on cart, check it is being sold by STELLAR QUALITY PRODUCTS, which is the only company authorized to sell the original My Hug Toys! All other sellers of MY Hug Toys fidget cube are FRAUDULENT and you will not recive the same product pictured. We are a PRIME Seller and we provide the fastest delivery. Please check that the delivery timeframe of other Sellers if over a month!
Reduces stress, increases concentration and releases anxiety
Made with ABS plastic and silicon, this cube really clicks
Handheld size, fits right into your pocket
Perfect gift for kids and adults


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