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LadySystem is the simple, effective, and clinically proven way to restore pelvic floor strength and resolve feminine stress incontinence.

A weak pelvic floor usually starts as the result of pregnancy and childbirth, but it can also be caused by running, aerobics, and similar types of sporting activity. This weakness can persist for years unless you do something about it. It is the cause of uncomfortable symptoms such as stress incontinence (urine leaks on coughing, laughing etc.), prolapses, and especially lack of sexual sensitivity.

Later on in life, changes in your body during menopause can aggravate the symptoms further.

LadySystem is a pelvic floor toning therapy which works with your body’s natural reflexes, and focuses the exercise on exactly the right group of muscles. Designed and tested extensively by gynaecologists in the USA and around the world, it is the modern, precise, and efficient alternative to carrying out Kegel Exercises.

LadySystem is a set of 5 tampon-like vaginal cones, which weigh from 5 to 55 g in weight. They are shaped so that they can be comfortably held in the vagina by the natural contraction of your pelvic floor muscles. The action of supporting the cone exercises your muscles, and there’s little or no effort involved on your part.

Used for only 15 minutes twice a day, while you carry on with your normal routine, you’ll notice the difference within days. As your muscles get stronger, you’re able to use the next cone in the set, and stepwise progress through the series enables you to strengthen your pelvic floor in a gentle and gradual way. Using LadySystem regularly, most women find that their pelvic floor muscles become fully toned after 8-12 weeks.

The stronger your muscles are, the better they work, and the lighter your symptoms become. Don’t leave it another day longer!The simple, effortless, and clinically proven way to restore pelvic floor strength effectively
Full set of 5 ready-to-use weighted vaginal cones as used by thousands of women worldwide
Contains NO SILICONE, so as to avoid any risk of bacterial infections. LadySystem is made of ultra-smooth, hypoallergenic Medical Grade polymer which meets the world’s strictest safety standards for medical materials (the United States Pharmacopeia Class VI Regulations)
Manufactured in the United Kingdom, the Kegel Exerciser most widely recommended by gynaecologists for bladder control & incontinence
Only 15 minutes twice a day while you carry on with your normal routine, at home or at work


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