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Cop Rose Window Cleaning Robot

Glass-cleaning, an annoying thing in many places all the world, especially big and high windows, as well as some outdoor windows. If you leave your windows for a week, they will be definitely covered with dust and become more obvious after wind or rain. It is very inconvenient and hard work to clean them by yourself, however hiring professional cleaning workers is expensive and dangerous.Cop Rose window cleaning robot cost you less than having your windows professionally cleaned one time.It will be a good helper in your life.Many families,cleaning suppliers,shops,offices,etc like it very much.

Adhesive type Vacuum: Square
Cleaning pattern:Linear clean
Glass thickness limitation:No limitation
Cleaning speed:2.4 minitues/meter^2
Auto-cleaning mode:3 modes
UPS(Un-interrupt Power System):20 mins
Frameless window
Safety rope:Strength:150 Kgf
Dimension > 40cm x 40cm
Allowed surface roughness <1.5 mm
Machine size:24(L) x 24(W) x 10(H) cm
Weight:1.2 Kg
Power range:100~240V, 50~60Hz
Power consumption 80W
Certification:CE, FCC, RoHS
Available window:Medium & Large scale window
Cop Rose Windows Cleaning Robot * 1
Remote Controller * 1
Adaptor * 1
AC Power Cord * 1
DC Extendable Cable * 1
Long Hair Fiber Mopping Cloth
Short Fair Fiber Mopping Cloth
Safety Rope* 1
Owner’s Manual* 1
Bullet Point:
1.Cleaning cloth can be replaced, free for 4pcs cleaning cloth, Strong adsorption and super absorbent cleaning cloth can clean oil stand, dirt and dust, etc.
2.Microcomputer Control, Comprehensive cleaning, automatically complete, worry-free cleaning.
Pls visit the Yutub site as below to know more about this product. Rose window cleaning robot X6 designed for these surfaces:framed windows of any thickness,vertical glass,un-framed windows of any thickness, textured or horizontal glass.framed or framless glass,frosted,filmed or colored glass,horizontal surfaces(more than 30°) and more,wood,walls,garderobe,tile,etc.
2.Cop Rose window cleaning robot X6 has different designs with other brands.It’s designed to use in these situations:Apartment windows(safety testing height is 50m),House windows,Office windows,Shop windows,Roof windows(more than 30°)
3.Smart move navigation.Simple 3 step operation:Spray,Power on,Start.3 cleaning patterns,Cleaning speed:2 minutes/㎡.One remote control,work automatically.Recognize cleaning path itself,avoid obstacle intelligently.Stop itself after cleaning.
4.Upgraded Fiber Cleaning cloth determines the effect of cleaning, it’s the best material among other similar fabric in the market.It can be used with any kind of cleaning liquid,such as liquid soap,laundry detergent,etc.No need to buy window cleaning liquid,save your money.Washable and replaceable,4 pieces to change.
5.Product warranty:1 year.We are confident in our good quality.Anything works wrong with Cop Rose window cleaning robot,contact us free. Warehouse address:CellPak Inc. 138 S Brent Circle City of Industry CA 91789 Tel: 0755-61597869


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