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Package includes a set of 3 sized-right pacifier containers / nipple shield cases with complimentary re-usable mesh fabric sack. All items are BPA free, non toxic, light weight & portable. Universal pacifier cover or breastshield / nippleshield case holds all major pacifiers, including Avent Soothie, Munchkin, Nuk, and Medela. May also fit pacifier clip / leash. May hold up to two and three pacifiers and pacifier clips per container. Nipple Shield Case fits all sizes of Medela (and other) breastshields, including small, medium, large, 16mm, 19mm, 21 mm, 20mm, 24 mm, and 27 mm. For mothers, infants, newborns, boys and girls. Consumer search information: Product also known as breastfeeding shield case, breast shell case, medela nippleshield case, medela breastshield case, pacifier holder, pacifier cover, pacifier container, pacifier clip holder, and pacifier box.IT’S TIME to make life pure again, with purifyou’s PurePouch Pacifier and Nipple Shield Case. Our premium cases are non toxic, BPA free, lead free, cadmium free, phthalate free, and worry free. Case also consists of multiple ventilation holes to prevent build-up of moisture and bacteria, unlike other leading pacifier or nipple shield cases.
DESIGNED FOR YOU: Each set includes three optimally-designed dishwasher-safe cases, sized just right so you can snugly insert your nipple shield or any pacifier your baby’s heart has a liking for. Case may fit multiple pacifiers as well as pacifier clip and leash. Each case includes a convenient carry loop that allows for quick attachment to almost anything you can think of, from daddy’s waist belt to mommy’s purse.
HYGIENIC: With PurePouch, you will never lose your nipple shield or pacifier again. When closed, case also seals tight to protect your baby’s pacifier or your nipple shield during the bumpiest rides. To open the case, simply place your thumb at the front of the lid and all fingers at the back and above the hinge. Then gently squeeze both ends of the lid towards each other.
HELP SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT TOO, with purifyou’s complimentary re-usable, machine-washable, mesh transport sack. Filling it with your pacifier cases or breast shields is great, but feel free to use it for whatever your daily schedule calls for, from baby supplies to electronics and even to that healthy fruit you’re saving for the little one’s snack time.
MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Case is universal and holds all major pacifiers and nipple shields, including Medela, Avent Soothie, Munchkin, and Nuk, as well as pacifier clips / leashes. Backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, we make sure you and your little ones love our products, or your money back — guaranteed.


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