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Never leave that door swinging in the wind with this automatic door closer which saves you the time and effort needed in pulling doors closed. Professionally produced to high standards through state of the art machinery and vigorous testing by quality control engineers, this automatic door closer is indispensable in commercial, industrial and even domestic environments. Manufactured from a superior aluminum alloy, this door closer is capable of withstanding the extreme internal hydraulic pressures expected in its lifetime from a never ending cycle of opening and closing. This remarkable design ensures that wear is minimized and the product’s lifespan is expanded. Versatility is the key to any product and this door closer ticks all the necessary boxes to meet its users’ needs and demands. The durable connecting rod and rotating shaft design allow the door closer to be mounted on left and right hand hung doors to guarantee a hassle free install. Speed is also of the essence in the product design as this door closer offers multispeed options for the pace at which the door closes. There are two options presented by this particular door closer and they offer ranges of 0° – 15° and 15° – 180° which will satisfy all conditions. The pressure and speed with which the door closes can also be masterfully controlled with a variety of adjustable springs and easy to configure “V-Slot” regulating valves to maintain finely tuned pressures on the high quality heat treated internal pinion shaft and piston. Completing the adaptability of the door closer is its availability in a wide range of attractive colors: silver, bronze, gold, white, black, or customized to your specifications. The measurements of this door closer are: Length (175mm), Width (45mm), and Height (65mm).
Works with doors around 150lb or less – Standard wood or metal door fits in this category.Quality Aluminum Alloy Shell Automatic Door closer
Adjustable Screws For Slow or Fast Closing
Works for right or left handed closing doors
Includes mounting bolts and brackets shown in picture
Easy Installation Instructions


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