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The world awaits your talented toddler as they have fun learning their colors and shapes and develop their gross motor muscles using the Jumbo Beads and Bolts Set. Soon your little one will know how to lace the beads, make patterns, stack, sort, build and more! Also perfect for creating games for toddlers! The beads and bolts are so versatile that you can even use them as BATH TOYS!


The 1.5″ hard, durable beads make it easy for little hands to grasp in or out of bath time! The nuts and bolts set are even larger coming in at over 2″ at their longest part. The perfect size for small hands to manipulate and help develop their grip strength. The primary lacing beads and jumbo nuts and bolts will last for generations! This early learning set is easy to sanitize which is great in a group or therapy environment.


Beginner Lacing Cord = “Ready to Lace” cord is perfect for first time lacers – features a stopper knot for a successful lacing experience. Grab this lace right out of the tote and start working those fine motor skills with this lacing shapes activity!

This jumbo beads and bolts set is great for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartners and even elderly patients who need to strengthen their hands.


*12 Giant Lacing Beads – assorted (1.5″)

*1 Lacing String (36″)

*12 pc Jumbo Nuts and Bolts Set – assorted (2″ – 2.5″).

*1 Kids Korner Storage & Travel Tote(12″ x 10″)

*BPA Free & Non Toxic

*Safe for ALL Ages

COLORS to learn: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

SHAPES to learn: square, circle, cylinder and oval.

ORDER NOW TO GIVE A HEAD START ON THE BEST WAY TO LEARN!Montessori teaching made easy – from babies to kindergarteners, kids will love the bright rainbow colors as their focus and attention turns into curiosity and discovery. Kids will start to develop fine motor skills as they manipulate each bead and bolts set as they grab, stack, build & tap the building blocks together.
The best gift for the toddler in your life – our early learning stringing bead and bolts set will quickly become your child’s favorite stacking, sorting, counting, lacing toy. This beading set for kids will help them develop language skills as they identify 6 colors and 4 shapes, reinforce numbers, learn to match & encourage independent play so you have more time!
This early learning set is the babysitter – boys and girls will be drawn in by the jumbo rainbow blocks as they explore their creativity in play mode. Watch as your toddler gets smarter as they manipulate and develop new fine motor skills each time they play with the lacing toys – all while having fun! It also includes a free ebook filled with learning activities for easy, intermediate and advanced learners.
Great for travel and bath toys – this nuts, bolts and beading set for kids is so versatile – it provides children with hours of fun – you can take it on the plane, to the park, to grandmas and even in the bath tub! The travel tote also encourages quick clean up after play and helps teach following directions. Our beads and bolts are dishwasher safe which makes it easy to sanitize and great for group environments.
Keeping your child safe is our #1 priority – all kids korner toys are bpa free, lead free, non-toxic and phthalates free. We offer a 100% money back guarantee. Please be aware of knockoffs as other sellers will most likely not adhear to our quality standards and safety. Kids korner is the original seller.


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