Artist Touch New York Mascara Double The Fun, Twin Pack


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From the Runway to your Makeup Bag!

WANT the PRO SECRET to SEXY, Seductive Lashes?

An Evolution in Cosmetics
Create Flawless Lash Effects & Naturally Enhance Your Eyelash Growth!

The Deepest, Darkest Extreme Black Mascara that Gives You the Most Stunning False Lash Effect. The Exclusive Artist Touch Vitamin & Plant Extract-enriched formula promotes Natural Lash Growth!

Exclusive Formulation By Artist Touch New York

Artist Touch New York Mascara is the Result of 4 years of Research & Development by Makeup Industry Pros to create a Runway-Ready Mascara that Enhances & Promotes Natural Lash Growth, creating Even Longer More Lucious Lashes Over Time!

(For the Best Natural Lash Growth Results, It is Recommended to Use Artist Touch Mascara regularly for at least 2 Months)

The Exclusive Blend of Natural Ingredients and ProVitamins has been specially formulated to promote Natural Lash Health & Growth. Each of the ingredients has been selected to provide the maximum lash strengthening, lengthening, and health with recommended use of 2 months.

Key Ingredients & Their Benefits:

Green Tea / Camellia Oleifera Leaf Extract

Studies have shown that polyphenols found in Green Tea are known to stimulate hair growth while softening hair when applied topically.

Aloe Leaf Extract

Aloe Vera rejuvenates your Lashes with its own nutrients (amino acids, keratin) giving them more elasticity.

Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract

The lash lengthening and strengthening powers of Ginkgo Biloba are amongst the properties of this amazing plant. Using only the best Ginkgo Biloba leaf extract, Artist Touch New York Mascara helps you to strengthening benefits, increase shine, and overall lash health.

Arnica Montana Flower Leaf Extract
Arnica Montana promotes lash hair growth and health. Only Artist Touch New York Mascara contains Arnica Montana Flower Extract in an amount that produces results!Darkest black mascara designed by makeup industry pros for runway-ready looks
Special lash-enhancing formula promotes natural lash growth
Exclusive runway secret mascara brush for flawless application
Vitamins & natural plant extracts treat your lashes & promote natural lash growth
Our products are always cruelty-free


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