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Your search for a better, more relaxing shower is finally over. When you receive your package from Amazon, take out your new Aqua Elegante shower head from the cute color box and admire the elegant design. You have in your hands a shower-transforming system that will turn your dull bathing routine into a rejuvenating, spa-like experience.

Now remove your old shower head and twist your new Aqua Elegante shower head onto your shower arm. After that easy, 3-minute install, you’re now ready to get in the tub and turn on the shower. Notice how much more flow comes out of the shower head. You can actually feel the water pressure. Take a deep breath and relax as the warm water washes over you.

What separates the Aqua Elegante shower head from the competition? It’s simple really. We just designed a shower head that people want. People want more pressure and flow in their shower heads. Unfortunately, shower heads sold in the US must meet come with a restrictor to limit flow rates. Most manufactures make their flow restrictors difficult to remove. Not us. Our flow restrictors are easy to remove, and we tell you exactly how to do it.

It only gets better from there. We use a solid brass connection fitting that won’t crack or split. The jet nozzles are made from a silicone rubber that prevents the build-up of minerals. The shower head body is made from a lightweight and extremely durable ABS plastic. And the surface is coated with an attractive metal finish that matches your bathroom fixtures.

It’s because of all this that we’re able to make a guarantee unlike any other you’ve seen. Try our Aqua Elegante shower head for 5 years! If you do not absolutely love your new bathing experience, we’ll give you back your full payment, no questions asked. You’re protected if you use the shower head for 1 minute or for 5 years. That’s how confident we are you’ll be happy and come back for our other products!REMOVABLE FLOW LIMITER – Our flow restrictors are easy to remove, and we tell you exactly how to do it. Boost low flow to get glorious spa-like showers.
STURDY CONSTRUCTION – Engineered with robust ABS plastic. Durable brass fitting won’t crack or leak.
SOLVES HARD WATER – Self-cleaning nozzles prevent calcium build-up. Can use outdoors, in home or RV.
EASY INSTALLATION – Just twist on! No plumbers required. Clear, concise, step-by-step instructions.
5-YEAR WARRANTY – By responsible small business (See seller feedback. We stand behind our promise!)


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