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The Best Self Tanner 2018! World’s First Non Toxic, Dye Free, Natural Self Tanner! I AM A TAN WITH BENEFITS. Let me get naked for you. I am a non-toxic, plant-based, antioxidant rich luxury tanning concentrate. I get my beautiful color from dark organic cocoa fruit powder, fresh beet extract, organic blue green algae and luscious caramel. Use me daily, or whenever you feel the urge. Mix me with any face or body lotion, cream, serum, or oil using a tanner to lotion ratio: 1:3 LIGHT 1:2 MEDIUM 1:1 DARK Get an instant glow + antioxidant boost! ‘Wear and go’ allows you to apply, dress and go! No drying time necessary. This highly concentrated tanning liquid is totally customizable – face and body. Mix your desired ratio and apply to one body part at a time. Feather lightly over hands, wrists, feet, and ankles. Wash hands thoroughly after application. Allow to develop for at least 8 hours, though TeaTan Complex will continue to deepen for up to 72 hours, even after showering. WHAT TO EXPECT TEXTURE: A liquid emulsion that drops or squeezes out of the bottle. Mixes in the palm of your hand almost any lotion or cream. Always shake first to ensure even application. SCENT: Our commitment to no synthetic fragrance will result in a natural, herbal scent. Our TEATANTM Complex may have a strong initial scent but should dissipate quickly after application. Due to our natural compounds, scent may vary slightly from bottle to bottle. Notes: Natural/Herbal/Aromatic/Tea/SpicyREVOLUTIONARY PRODUCT: World’s first non-toxic, dye free, fragrance free ultra concentrated tanning liquid.
TOTALLY CUSTOMIZABLE: Turn any face or body lotion into a healthy sunless tanner.
MADE WITH TEATAN® COMPLEX: Made with potent teas, herbs, spices and other plant based pigments.
A TAN THAT’S GOOD FOR YOUR SKIN: Packed with robust antioxidants; anti aging, helps protect against environmental aggressors such as UV light and pollution
100% VEGAN: Cruelty free product and manufacturing


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