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Before you decide on a baby bib for your friend or your own baby, make sure you are getting the features that matter.

As a parent you care about how your baby looks. As a friend you want to give a gift that will be appreciated and reflects well on your personal sense of style.

What to look for in a baby bib:

★ Baby bibs should be safe, comfy, stylish, and practical!
★ Bibs with snaps are preferred by every mom we interviewed. Velcro can lose its stick, scratch your baby’s soft skin and is hard to clean.
★ Baby bibs should be absorbent. They soak up drool, spit-up, and catch drinks and food that just don’t seem to stay in the little one’s mouths.
★ Bibs should have a soft, fleece backing and not a plastic backing that has a crunchy feel and sound to them.

This is why we have chosen these specific patterns to reflect current styles and trends. We also find that moms prefer snaps to velcro, and prefer a soft fleece lining over plastic linings. Our goal is to help you provide the best baby shower gift ideas to your friends, and the best possible options for your own babies.

The BayBee Baby Bandana Bib is a great alternative to the traditional baby bib

★ Have 2 snap closures making the bibs easily adjustable (no Velcro) with 2 different sizing options to fit your babies as they grow
★ Are made of 100% cotton backed by absorbent fleece (no plastic lining)
★ Don’t cover up a baby’s outfit but accessorize it with a trendy bandana design
★ Look cool and fashionable unlike a regular bib which is only practical, but not fashionable
★ Are great for droolers, burping, and teething babies.
★ Can also be used as a burp cloth

They are the perfect drool bibs, the best baby shower gift idea, and the most popular baby bib design available!

You should click “Add To Cart” so your baby can start drooling in style! It isn’t cool to drool!

4 Pack Set

ADJUSTABLE SNAPS, NOT VELCRO – 2 snaps provide different sizing options. Recommended ages: 3 to 24 months. Bibs stay in place and your baby won’t be able to pull them off. These won’t scratch like velcro.
CUTE & COMFORTABLE BABY BANDANA BIBS – Modern design, this is a trendy set of designed bibs for girls. Patterns look great on precious, sweet girls. Ultra comfortable design with baby in mind. It isn’t cool to drool.
UNIQUE BABY SHOWER GIFT – Popular and great gift for new moms. “These bibs are amazing. They are stylish, comfortable and so soft. My son is the most stylish kid at the day care. Love them!” says a mom. Moms love these modern, fun, and practical bibs.
QUALITY SELLER – We care about our customers and their babies! Buy with confidence that you will get the item you ordered.
MULTI-PACK DISCOUNT! – Purchase any 2 bib sets and get a 10% discount. Purchase 3 to get 15%, 4 for 20%, and if you purchase 5 sets of Baybee Bandana Bibs you get 25% of your order. The discount is automatic in your Amazon cart, no code needed. 4 SOFT, SUPER ABSORBENT Drool Bibs – Front is 100% soft organic cotton / Back is polyester fleece for absorbency. Protect & keep your drooling, teething baby dry from all dribble and spit ups. No drool on the front of your baby’s clothes, just their face!


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