Prince William Gives Santa George’s Christmas List

Prince William made sure to add a Santa Claus visit to his royal duties while in Finland. As he visited a festive market in Helsinki, where he met local residents, he made sure that included the man responsible for all the gift-giving this Christmas. Prince William assured Santa that his son has been in the nice list, handing over Prince George’s Christmas wish list, where for the first time, George’s signature is seen.

“He hasn’t written down any requests, so I think one request is probably OK,” said William.

The wish list that was addressed to “Father Christmas” confirms George has been a “nice” boy this year, asking for a police car, as his third choice. The 4-year old prince seemed to have forgotten to add his first and second choice to his list.

Next year, Prince George and Princess Charlotte will be getting an additional present with the announcement of a new royal baby from mom, Kate Middleton. The royal family will continue to grow with the announcement of a new aunt for George and Charlotte now that Meghan Markle is engaged to Prince Harry.

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